Tree Trimming

We genuinely love trees, and feel saddened when we see a beautiful yard butchered by an incompetent tree service using the wrong equipment. It can takes years for a tree to recover from a bad trimming, assuming it doesn't die. Don't take chances - whomever you hire, make sure they're properly equipped and qualified for the job 

At Omega Tree Service, our work has always stood out as the best in our field, this is because we have the best people and the best equipment for the job, and to this day our equipment remains top of the line. 

Our crew, meanwhile, has years of experience, and the owner is always on the job working along side his men. There are many reasons for trimming and pruning your trees on a regular basis, including:

Trimming, pruning, and removing deadwood and awkward branches helps keep your trees beautiful and healthy, while enhancing grass coverage under the trees. 

Thinning the trees' crown and canopy allows air and light to penetrate, and reduces the risk of disease and fungus.


Our Recomentation:

Trimming is not recommended until after your tree has overcome transplant stress and has a self-supporting root system. Homeowners and others who are not qualified tree care professionals should NEVER prune trees near power lines, NEVER use a chainsaw for pruning, and NEVER get on a ladder to prune. Even if you think you can do the job yourself, it is better, wiser, and safer to discuss your trees with a tree care professional first. Do not take chances!


Landscaping Design

Our experienced professionals specialize in commercial and residential landscape architecture. We provide designs that will flatter your home or business, and we pledge to manage and maintain our product in the best manner.  
We guarantee all plant materials and use only premium plants specially selected for easy maintenance. All of our products are under full warranty.  
Our goal is to give you the best customer service. Together, we will create a natural solution to beautify your surroundings and fit your budget and style. Whether your dream is classic or contemporary, Omega Tree Services will meet your.


Thank you again for visiting Omega Tree Service web page. Please feel free to contact us at any time for your tree removal or any other tree care needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon
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